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I used to be quite inglorious
In fact I was downright preposterous
My words were absurd
My way was obscured
I was never very harmonious

Then I found a way to righteousness
Because mine was surely a filthy mess
Jesus came to me
Then He set me free
Now by His grace my life has been blessed

Now I don’t mean to sound sanctimonious
Because that would be quite erroneous
His blessings will come
If you make Him number one
Then He would make you victorious

In response to the daily prompt

By Faith

I thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
In all my deepest valleys
This faith has lifted me
When I have faced a battle
This faith has seen me through
When mountains loom before mefaith
This faith knows what to do

When I was just a wee lad
You gave this faith to me
I fell through broken ice Lord
Was drowning underneath
My best friend threw a branch Lord
You have me faith to reach
He pulled me out to safety
This faith had rescued me

Through teen years into twenties
I drifted for from you
I thought I’d lost this faith Lord
It seemed I forgot you
But one day faith arose in me
I prayed a prayer so true
I asked you to come in my heart
My soul was now rescued

Two years later I came ba k
To visit my best friend
Through faith you led me to a girl
My life you did suspend
I left my job and traveled back
To start up a new life
By faith I left my world behind
This girl became my wife

By faith we’ve gone through battles
Some scars are very deep
We’ve clung to hope in you Lord
Our souls you always keep
When every battle turns out good
We know you have supplied
By faith we once again dug in
And you have given life

Then cancer came to test us
And tried to bring us down
Our trust in you has risen
By faith we’ve overcome
Now we know forever
No matter what may come
If we just walk with you Lord
You’ll bring us safely home

Thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
When I look back on my life
It’s blessings I do see
And when I face the trials
That may come down my way
I’ll simply use this faith Lord
To make it through the day

A Great Morning

Dark is the night
Stars shining bright
Sky is all clear
I feel God near

Quiet is the airnature
Wind is nowhere
Sun waits for dawn
Bird song is gone

Then I hear the Master
Whisper my name
Out of the dark
His voice the same

He says I love you
My peace be with you
Find joy in living
Forgiveness be giving
Speak only good things
Walk in my mercy
Find grace from me
Give grace out free

Then He was quiet
Birds started singing
Sun started rising
Light on  horizon

What a great morning
What a great way
To start this adventure
Of one more day.


In response to the daily prompt

Keeping Me Safe

I walked alone for many years
Trying to find my way
It seemed I was going in circles
Life was just wasting away

I tried lots of different methods
Designed to bring me some joy
But each one turned to disaster
As my life was just further destroyed

Then one day I met the Savior
Who died on a cross for me
He took all my sins upon Him
And from guilt He set me free

Ever since that day I’ve been resting
In the Master’s loving embrace
There is no longer reason to look more
Because He always keeps me safe




In response to the daily prompt

My Trademark

You wouldn’t believe the mess that I had
Attached to the top of my head
It was ugly and long and scraggly and yuch
A haircut was something I’d dread

You see I was a hippie long hair and all
Dope smoking and boozing all day
I could have cared less how my hair was a mess
Or that it stuck all together like clay

I remember fondly the day that all changed
I walked into the hair salon
I asked for a business man’s cut that day
The sleek look I now had put on

I had cleaned up the inside previously
When Jesus came into my heart
I wanted all others to see this great change
I decided my hair was a start

I’ve learned since then that the outward appearance
Is a shadow of how I should walk
It’s the outward expression of God’s sweet love
That I now need to make my trademark



In response to the daily prompt

I Rest

I rest in your promises Savior divine
Because of your mercy they all can be mine
I rest in your promises Jesus my Lord
You show them all to us throughout your word

I rest in your peace it calms every storm
I rest in your joy which bubbles and warms
I rest in your hope that never will die
I rest in your love forever it’s mine

I rest in your healing for every disease
I rest in deliverance that you bring to me
I rest in your cleansing from every sin
I rest in your Spirit that dwells within

There’s no need to worry
There’s no need to doubt
When I have a conflict
You’ll carry me out
And when indecision
Has darkened my way
You’ll speak to my heart
And guide me each day

I’ll rest in your mercy abundant and free
I’ll rest in the mercy that you give to me
I’ll rest in your grace amazing and grand
I’ll rest in the grace that helps me to stand

And when I am weary and day is done
I’ll look to the west and the setting sun
I’ll know that you’re with me throughout the night
I’ll quietly rest in you

Brave Service

I’ve lived a life of ease most times
I haven’t fought a fight
I haven’t risked my life for those
That thought a war not right

I never understood the pain
They felt when they came home
All that they gave seemed meaningless
Because we did not know

We did not know the hurt inside
We did not know the danger
We did not take the time to thank
The ones so filled with anger

The only honorable thing that’s left
Is to thank them one by one
For their brave service to this land
And all that they have done


In response to the daily prompt