Only a Mask

He is so honest
He is so true
He is so righteous
He’s never blue
He is so loyal
Trustworthy too
He’s just as good as can be

This is a faceless man you see
Trying so hard to make them believe
All of the good things he can be
But all of it’s only a mask

Inside he’s hurting
Inside he’s worn
Inside he’s lusting
Inside he’s torn
Inside he’s wishing
He’d never been born
He’s really not what he seems

I know this guy because He was me
I was the guy who seemed so complete
I was just drifting away to sea
Wondering where I would land

Then I found Jesus
I found new life
Then I found mercy
God reconciled
Joy fills my days now
Peace is all mine
Born again only by grace


In response to the daily prompt Faceless

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