Ten Lepers

Ten lepers heard that Jesus Christ

Was coming soon their way

He was passing by their camp

It could be most any day


They knew that He had healed the sick

And made the lame to walk

He opened eyes and ears for some

And made the deaf to talk


So they thought perhaps if He would pray

Their leprosy would go

The called out to Him as He passed

And He turned around real slow


Walking over to them, Jesus smiled

And reached out with His hand

He prayed, and touched them one by one

And their sores dried up again


Jesus sent them to the priest

And he’d pronounce them clean

Their lives would be restored

They’d return to family


Rejoicing, they all went

Down the road to their new lives

But one of them turned back

And came to Jesus side


He told the Master thank you

Then Jesus smiled and said

My son, you are made whole

Your body is no longer dead

All your sores are vanished

Your skin again does shine

Now go your way rejoicing

But where are the other nine?


The former leper turned to Him

And said I do not know

He thanked Him one more time

And headed down the road


You see that simple thank you

Made quite a difference

Instead of only being cleansed

That leper was made whole

No more scars to show His plight

No more nasty skin

He had a new life now to live

Again He would begin


The lesson for us all in this

Is to always be aware

When Jesus comes and touches us

That Thank You should be said

2 thoughts on “Ten Lepers

    1. Pete Post author

      Amen, Susan. He touched the untouchable! I can only imagine what these lepers must have felt when they felt Hid touch. Isolated, cast out and left to die without any contact with humanity. But Jesus touched them! We serve an awesome Savior!

      Liked by 1 person


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