Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Master Painter

I sit and watch

As sunset approaches

Scattered clouds above the western horizon


A ribbon of gold touches the bottom clouds

He spreads upward

Around the dark clouds

Bright and shimmering

Outlining and silhouetting


Suddenly a blaze of brilliant gold

Rays peek through

To touch a higher cloud with gold


Sun sinks deeper

Red starts to color he lower clouds

As Gold starts to relinquish its power


Red, orange, pink, yellow

An incessant palate

Changing minute to minute

Reaching across the sky

Until it reaches above me

Behind me


Then slowly the colors fade

From west to east

Into gray

As the last rays

Leave the clouds


Oh. What a thrill

To watch the Master painter

At work

Passing Grades

Every day we face them

Tests to help us grow

Hopefully were ready

With what we need to know

Because passing grades define you

In the eyes of this old world

Each test will bring us closer

In the end we reach our goal.


More important then the testing

Is the subject we have picked

There’s one topic that we must pass

If we want to fully live

Four questions, answered right

Will a passing grade be given

Four questions that will change you

And ready you for heaven


Is Jesus Christ your Savior?

Have you asked Him to forgive?

Have you turned away from your sin?

Are you living to please him?

If you answered yes to all

Your salvation is assured

then you get the passing grade

And eternity in heaven

Will be your resting place


In response to the daily prompt Test

Is He Coming for You?

He’s coming soon.  He’s coming for me

Because I asked Jesus to save me

I bowed me head and made my plea

And that’s why Jesus is coming for me


When Jesus died so long ago

He died a death that all should know

Because on the cross He saved our souls

My sin has been washed white as snow


But there is something I must say

Ask forgiveness right this day

And then repent and turn away

And walk in His way every day


I must apply the blood of Christ

To all the old life left inside

And let His Spirit override

My past of loving fleshly life


And as I do He will transform

My life to His desired form

I’ll see a new and living swarm

Of God’s desire becomes my own


And then He can work out the plan

He had for me when He began

To transform me by His sweet hand

So I’ll become a Godly man


And as I live my life for Him

He promised I’ll forever live

In heaven, and I’ll walk with Him

For all of time His praises give


He’s coming soon.  He’s coming for me

Because I asked Jesus to save me

I bowed me head and made my plea

And that’s why Jesus is coming for me


Is He coming for you?

A Brand New Me

The Pharisees knew the law

And they all looked good

Dressed in holy garb

Prayer fully they stood

But Jesus looked inside of them

Beneath the pure facade

And saw the tomb that was inside

And told them it must fade


I was once a Pharisee

Everyone thought I had it good

But inside my mind and heart

I was full of bad, not good

But Jesus loved me so much

He came and rescued me

Cleaned me up and set me straight

Now I am a brand new me!




In response to the daily prompt Facade

There Are Times

There are times when I can hear Him
Whisper softly in my ear
And I listen so intently 
Yes, my Lord, I am here


There are times when I can feel Him
Reaching out to touch my pain
Warmth flows through His hand of mercy
And my hurt will not remain


There are times when I can sense His 
Holy Spirit by my side
He’s protecting me from danger
As His presence there abides


There are times I see His power
Working miracles for me
With amazing grace providing 
All that I will ever need


There are times His peace comes flowing 
Like a river over me
It is always overwhelming 
To be covered by His peace


There are times joy comes in bubbling 
Like a fountain in my soul
Even when my heart grows weary 
In His joy I can be whole


There are times His love surrounds me
With a presence oh so sweet
And I know that I must share it
With each person that I meet 

Fruit of the Spirit

His love is the life blood
That fills up my veins
It is through this great love
That His fruit remains

His joy overwhelms me
It’s unspeakable
My heart bubbles up
Like an overflowed well

His peace calms my thoughts
And drives out my fear
It passes my knowledge
And dries every tear

The patience He gives me
Through trials and tests
Helps me to witness
To all of the rest

The gentleness He gives
Softens my speech
It helps me to reach more
When others I teach

The goodness He puts in
My oft evil heart
Helps me touch others
Who may have it hard

The faith that He grows
By His marvelous word
Gives me the courage
To stand and be heard

His meekness brings awe
And humility
It beats down my pride
And helps me to see

And finally temperance
Keeps me in line
So I don’t indulge
Too much at a time

The fruit of the spirit
I love them so dear
They keep me in line
As I travel this earth


Are You Finished?



Are you finished telling me that you don’t want to hear

About the love of Jesus, the friend I love so dear?

How He died to take your place so that you won;t have to fear

Where you will up up for eternity?


Well, I’m sorry, but I really have to ignore your request

Because i am unfinished in showing how your blessed

So I will keep on planting seeds whenever I assess

That you need Jesus just as much as me


He died for you, and took your sin

He provided peace and joy within

And one day you can enter in

To heaven’s wondrous doors


So won’t you come to him today

And He will wipe your sin away

He’ll brighten up your darkest day

With His wondrous love



In response to the daily prompt Unfinished