Addicted to Jesus

I wasn’t trying to be dramatic

When I said I was an addict

I’d been messing around with drugs and booze for years

But now I’ve turned a whole new leaf

And I’m staying here for keeps

Because I’ve found a place that wipes away my tears


Now I’m addicted to Jesus

His grace and His mercy flow free

The marvelous way

He blesses each day

And always He walks with me


His peace is amazing to live in

His joy knows no limits or bounds

And He gives me hope

That I can now cope

With anything that comes around


Oh what a difference in my life

Dramatic is too soft a word

I walk through each day

With a simile on my face

Because Jesus is my Lord of Lords








In response to today’s Daily Prompt Dramatic

All Day

There’s never a moment
Throughout the day
That I do not praise His name
For He is the one
Who gives me my breath
So He’s worthy of all my praise

When I rise in the morning
I sing out a song
Of honor and glory to Him
For He kept me through
The dark of the night
And buried His peace deep within

When I’m ready to go
And I sit down to eat
The very first meal of the day
I thank Him for all
He provides for me
As He guides me along my way

Through the day as I work
I give highest praise
For I have been blessed with a task
As people come by me
I take time to pray
Is this one the one I should ask?

Maybe He needs a Savior today
Maybe She needs a friend
Maybe you’ve placed them in my path
So I’ll be a witness to them
Speak to me Lord and give me the words
The words that only you know
That I might speak right unto their heart
And give them your love so it shows

My work day now over
I settle back home
And I praise Him for what He has done
If I said just one word
That brought comfort or peace
That person has already won

As I lay my head down
At the end of the day
I give praise that the Lord led me through
And I ask Him to give me
A good nights rest
So tomorrow will bring forth His fruit.

Lectio Divina

Susan really captures the essence of the Lord’s prayer in this modern version. Beautifully done!

Susan Irene Fox

The Lord’s Prayer Redux

Matthew 6:9-13


Oh, my sweet, heavenly Father,

I gaze upon and am marveled by

Your creation and glory this morning.

The symmetry and patterns of a single leaf

are revealed in the rising of Your sun.

Please let Your kingdom come upon

this tired, fearful, broken, violent earth

just as Your supreme, compassionate,

restorative will reigns in heaven.

Father, please help save us from ourselves.

Please let those who have resources provide

food and clothes to those who do not,

for they were given those resources

by You for this very purpose.

Please keep me away from sin and temptation

that arises from my own choices;

help me to make the right choices when I am

confronted by temptation not of my own making.

Please keep the enemy and his demons far away from me;

You know I have enough of my own to content with.

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A Better Is Coming ~

Deborah Ann write some beautiful poems, and has other quaint posts as well.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

A Better Day is Coming ~ CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann ~

A better day is coming,
happier times will be here
for soon Jesus will return
and wipe away every tear.

A brighter day is coming,
joyful times will be here
for soon Jesus will return
and eliminate every fear.

A glorious day is coming,
peaceful times will be here
for soon Jesus will return
and all pain will disappear.

A splendid day is coming,
blissful times will be here
for soon Jesus will return
and no crying will we hear.

A better day is coming,
joyous times will be here
for soon Jesus will return
and that day is clearly near!


Revelation 21:4

“He will wipe away every tear
from their eyes, and death
shall be no more, neither
shall there be mourning,
nor crying, nor pain anymore,
for the former things
have passed away.”

Copyright 2016
Deborah Ann Belka

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After The Blessing

After the blessing is over

After your song is gone

How do you act in the valley

When all is said and done?


When you are not on the mountain

But falling into the abyss

How do you lift yourself upward

And handle the times such as this?


There’s no better time to praise Him

For the mercy He’s shown to you

He never will leave you hopeless

He sees everything you do


He’ll walk through that valley with you

And pull you up from the abyss

So don’t be distraught or down hearted

He’s there for a time such as this


Remember He died for your sins

And He rose to give eternal life

The stripes on His back bring you healing

And His peace will forever abide


He gives you the air that you breath

And He waters the earth with His rain

The sun light is there at His pleasure

And He brings them again and again


There is no lacking in His sweet mercy

Or the grace that He shows you each day

So forget what you think of as blessings

The lesser things here are His way


And please never cease to praise Him

Even when through the valley you go

For your praises will lift up your spirit

More than you’ll ever know.

Day of Wonder

I’ve been sitting here this morning

Wondering what to do

Searching for the words

To worship you


It’s another day of wonder

Another day of grace

And I desire to look

Upon your face


So I’ll sing Holy, Holy

Holy is your name

I sing Glory, Glory

Lift your name in praise


I’ll sing Worthy, Worthy

Worthy are you Lord

I’ll sing Jesus, Jesus

It’s you that I adore


For you bring love into my heart

Every day

You bring joy into my soul

All the way

You bring peace into my mind

As I pray

I love you Lord.  I love you Lord


So I’ll sing Holy, Holy

Holy is your name

I sing Glory, Glory

Lift your name in praise


I’ll sing Worthy, Worthy

Worthy are you Lord

I’ll sing Jesus, Jesus

It’s you that I adore


The Flow

There is a fountain of life

That flows from Calvary’s tree

It comes from God above

And washes over me

But when it hits my heart

It’s not for me to hold

I have an obligation

That others must be told


There is a river of hope

That tells me heaven’s my home

There is no doubt of where

I’ll rest when life is o’er

This hope should flow through me

To others that I know

For I am just a vehicle

To bring friends into the fold


There is a stream of joy

That flows throughout my heart

It reminds me of the blessings­­­

He does to me impart

These blessings are for everyone

Who call upon His name

So I must share this joy

By giving Him all praise


There is a flood of peace

That keeps me safe and warm

It flows from knowing God

Is always on the throne

My friends all need this peace

In this chaotic world

So I must let it flow through me

To touch and make them whole


And last there is His love

That flows eternally

It reaches out to everyone

No matter what they be

I must tell all I come to know

Of this great love divine

So the love, joy, peace, hope, life He brings

Will not just stay as mine


When I first came to Jesus
I just did not know
If He would take me as I was
Or say I’d  have to go
My life was a disaster
I’d been a mess for years
And when I learned my fate was hell
I burst out into tears
I couldn’t understand
How He could still love me
Because I’d done so many things
To shun His great mercy
Drinking,  drugs and lust galore
Filled my thoughts each day
I figured there was no way out
I’d truly lost my way
But then a good friend told me
Of His amazing grace
That He had taken all my sins
And died to take my place
Now all I had to do
Was accept His sacrifice
So when I asked Him in my heart
He’d fill me with new life
I figured why not try it
I had nothing to lose
The thought of hell forever
Had me shaking in my boots
So I knelt down at the alter
And I asked Him to come in
And I felt a stirring in my soul
Like a rushing, mighty wind
From that day forth my life has changed
Now heaven Is my home
And life on earth is so much more
Of joy and peace and hope
I know deep in my heart
That Jesus loves me so
And now that He accepted me
There’s something you should know
He loves you right where you are
With a love that never dies
He wants to have you as His own
He wants to change your life
So don’t wait until your ready
Just cry out to Him today
And you will be accepted
Your sins He’ll wipe away

What A Change

I was sure

No one could hear my cry

No one could feel my hurt

No one could truly love me


Then I found

Jesus would hear my prayer

Jesus would heal my pain

Jesus would always love me


I knelt down

And prayed through in tears

And prayed for His peace

And prayed He would save me


He came in

And filled up my soul

And filled me with joy

And filled the void in my heart


Now I know

His love has no end

His love is by grace

His love shows His mercy


What a change He brought

To my longing heart

What a Savior He is to me

Because He has set me free


He’s all that I ever sought

To fill up my poor dead heart

And He’ll do the same for you

If you’ll only ask Him to

Walking With Jesus

Walking with Jesus

All the day long

Fills me with hope

Fills me with song

He is my Savior

My master, My Lord

There is no other

That I will adore


When I was a sinner

He still loved me

He took all my burdens

To Calvary’s tree

My sin wiped away

By His sacrifice

He died in my place

To give me new life


When He rose again

Death no longer could win

He provided a mansion

For me to dwell in

My hope is now anchored

In His word of life

That heaven’s my home

‘Til the end of all time


If you do not know

This Jesus today

Just ask Him to come

And make your heart His home

Ask Him to guide you

Each day that you live

You’ll never regret it

If in Him, you live


Walking with Jesus

All the day long

There’s no other way

To make heaven your home

Please walk along with us

And find His sweet love

You’ll soon know His peace

And the Joy from above